Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree Trimming

After daily complaints from my children that they wanted to put the Christmas tree up, it is finally done.

After the kids got home from school yesterday, we popped "The Grinch" in the DVD player and decorated the tree together.

We are such huge fans of Jim Carrey's Grinch. It is only the 4th of December and we have watched it a dozen times already this season. The kids think it is great that I can recite every line Jim Carrey says. They have been trying to talk me into dressing up like him and doing it. My pride and the very unflattering pooched-belly costume have prevented this from happening.

I remember going to see the movie when it came out. I was pregnant with Max and I wore my sister's expensive white Mimi Maternity sweater and my black pleather maternity pants...yes, I said black pleather. They were sweet (and so uncomfortable I was sweatin' like a pig) , but I looked good!

So, now the tree is up and I am spending my time chasing Russell around, trying to retrieve the glass ornaments from his jaws. The honeymoon is over with Russell!


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

It's a good thing Russell is so cute!! What a fun day you had with your kids yesterday! Your tree looks great. Can you believe we haven't put up any christmas decorations yet! I guess we'll be busy this weekend! Would love to help with box tops!


davis family said...

How fun.. we are getting our tree on Friday. We can't get it too early or it is dead at Christmas!

Keri said...

Love the tree, and I totally understand the honeymoon being over with a new dog! Izzy was soo good at first, then turned into this little monster! Every day I think it will have to get better sooner or later...