Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas With The Stevensons

Making Gingerbread cookies for Santa

Going to The Cooks for Christmas Eve dinner & homemade gift exchange

Sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn
The kids finally got into bed at 10:30, a far cry from our regular 7:30 bedtime. They were actually begging to go to sleep, but I (of course) had to get our family photos taken first.

The kids were up bright and early at 6:00am. They read the letter Santa left for them and then attacked the gifts. The hits...a kitchen for Elle, BMX bike for Max (according to his dad, he will be doing this competitively now), and Bakugans for Cal. Everyone got Pixos (ugh!) and I was a lucky girl receiving my favorite Jean Paul Gaultier perfume from my Dad, a Coach wallet from Shawn (yes, we get each other gifts...), and a beautiful stamped necklace from Bri & Casey (

By noon, Elle had collapsed on the couch and the boys were lost in their own play, ipods on ears and all. Max spent much of the afternoon playing his new guitar. I promised him guitar lessons (he wants to be the 4th Jonas bro.). Calvin zipped past me a few times, alternating between Batman and Spiderman disguises. There are still Legos scattered across the floor and fallen Pixos (did I already say "ugh!"?) here and there. And, I am still in my pajamas and slippers. Christmas bliss.

Last Christmas was the first without my mom and just felt a little off. This year was still hard without her. There will always be that void. But, something was better. I felt a comfort and happiness that seemed to be missing last Christmas. I am so lucky to have my wonderful family, a supportive and good friend in my ex-husband, amazingly happy kids, and great friends (old and new).

Life is good.

Merry Christmas.


Keri said...

Oh Sara, your day sounds perfect! I love how you and Shawn still get eachother gifts. That is so great for you and your kids. I'm glad the absence of your mom was peaceful for you. I'm certain that is how she would want you to feel.

I love your stamped necklace! I made charms like that with my kids' names at a Domestic Bliss class, and even though the letters aren't lined up perfectly, I love it just the same!

Hope to see you soon!

Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

What a fun Christmas with your kids! I love all the pictures with YOU in them. I never make it into our family pictures! I'm so happy you are getting away to the snow.. it will be so relaxing and fun. Let's get together when the kiddos go back to school...I'm thinking a yummy lunch, what do you think?

Laura Smith said...

Hey, I've been friends with Keri since Jr. high...she always talks about you and how sweet and cute you are. I have to agree! Your family photos are amazing. I know Ashley; her husband and mine were in dental school the same time. She is so talented. Anyways, just wanted to give a gal a are so pretty and your kids are adorable.