Friday, June 15, 2012


So, as  far as what I love watching my kids do,
basketball tops my list.

Every summer, we spend hours a day at the high school gym
where they sharpen their skills on the courts.

This year, Elle is the only girl in her group.
Today, she won a game of speed against the boys and
as we walked out of the gym, she said,
"Mom, one of the boys made fun of another boy and said, 'Ha, ha a girl who doesn't
know how to play basketball beat you!'"
So, I asked Elle, "What did you say?"
She smiled and explained, "I told him, 'What are you laughing at? I beat you, too!'

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Little Cub

Calvin is spending a few days this summer at Cub Scout Day Camp.
Each night, he stumbles into the house around 11pm
with a huge smile on his face.
When I ask how it was, he exclaims,
"Mom, it was AMAZING!"
Swimming, bb guns, water balloon fights, bows & arrows...
What more could an 8 yr old boy want?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Strange Things That Make Me Smile

When I was a kid
we kept a little potted aloe vera plant in our bathroom at home.
My mom used it for everything that ailed us-
sunburns, cuts, burns, you name it.
My mom would take a knife, cut off a slice and rub away our pain.
This week, I bought my first aloe vera plant.

Seeing it sitting on the bathroom counter makes me smile.

Another reminder of Mom.