Saturday, December 27, 2008


To worry or not to worry?

My daughter, at the mature age of three, is obsessed with romantic movies.

You know, the kind no real man will admit to watching. The sappy, throw your cares to wind, walk off into the sunset, tear-jerking love stories.

She loves them...can't get enough. She drinks them in and I catch her smiling adoringly at the screen.

Every night, Elle pleads with me,

"Mommy, please put on the one with the lady whose husband dies and she cries. Please." (PS. I love You)

"I wanna watch 27 dresses with your boyfriend in it." (I tell her that James Marsden is my boyfriend and I'm going to marry him)

"Please, Mom, I have to watch Notebook now. It's my favorite."

Elle would choose to watch these over any cartoon on tv: over Dora, over Diego, and over the oh, so cute Barnyard.


Because she is a female. She is cursed at birth. Even at the age of three, she is entranced by a handsome, polite man that says all the right things and sweeps a beautiful, sweet young lady off of her feet. But, hey, aren't we all?

Yes, because we are all CURSED.

Why do I worry?

My little girl is...innocent...hopeful...trusting. She might believe that all of these love stories are the way love happens, the way it will happen for her.

I guess all I can do is hope that she is one of the lucky ones, because I don't ever want to have to see that precious heart of hers get broken.

So, here is my prayer for my little girl...

Dear God,
Please protect my baby's heart. Please allow her to have trust and the ability to truly love, the strength to survive the heartache that will surely come, and the desire to keep trying and searching for that one lasting love.


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

I have a solution...Three cute, kind Felstead boys!

Sara said...

Genious, Lindsey!

kaly√ú said...

Have you ever heard of an arranged marriage? Just kidding.. it is so hard to grow up, actually to watch some of the things our kids go through..I'm starting to think it's harder to watch that to actually go through it.Kim:) Have fun up north!

Jeff and Kristy said...

I like Lindsey's idea. Her boys are so stinkin cute! Looks like you had a great christmas I love all the pictures!

And YES..Jeff will be starting his workout routine again this new year!

Keri said...

Kaylie is the same way when it comes to romantic movies. Kendal, on the other hand, thinks they're gross!

I wish I had a cute little boy to set up with Elle someday...