Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whiskey Off-Road

This past weekend, Lance competed in the Whiskey Off-Road up in Prescott, AZ. This year, he has concentrated on road biking and has had a hugely successful race season. At the last minute, Lance decided to do this mt. bike race.

It's a 50 mile race, so I got to enjoy several hours eating in bakeries and shopping in little boutiques. About 40 minutes into the race, the announcer reported where the lead racers were and announced that Lance was in first place. I was so excited!

Thirty minutes later, another update was given and Lance's name wasn't announced. I knew he either crashed or flatted. Dang it!

I texted one of Lance's buddies who I knew was on the trail handing him bottles. He let me know that Lance had flatted and had fallen behind.

We waited at the finish line watching the first riders come in and who do I see coming around the corner? My husband, of course. After changing a flat, he managed to race his heart out and move back up and finish 3rd in the open division.

I am continuously impressed by Lance's physical abilities and his unwillingness to EVER quit!