Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lights Up!!

We spent part of yesterday going through our Christmas decorations and putting the lights up.

Elle has become very interested in my camera lately and she decided to try to take some shots of me and the boys.

So, she's got a little work to do on the focusing. I give her a break. She can barely lift the camera!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get it Gone!

We did the old tie-a-string-and-pull-trick this morning.

I can't tolerate a dangling tooth.

As soon as Max showed me this one, I knew what we had to do.

Surprisingly, Max was all for it!

I tied his tooth up with a string of floss and let him tug away for what seemed to be forever.

After I couldn't take it any longer, I grabbed the string from him and yanked.

Pull. Ow! She's out! Ok, so this technique produces a little more blood than usual.

No worries.

Maybe the Tooth Fairy will chalk up a little more for the extra pain!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Eighteen years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor describing the atrocities turkeys go through in preparation to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving. At my naive 16 years of age, I thought maybe some people would read my words and forgo turkey for a vegetarian Thanksgiving. My letter was printed in the Mesa Tribune that day and I laugh reading it still. I am no longer a vegetarian and will take great pleasure in sitting down to my own protein-packed feast today, but I am still delightfully proud at how passionate I get when I focus on an issue! If I ever become aloof or indifferent, please slap me silly. Who wants to be passionless?

Over the last few years, I guess it could easily be said that I have experienced some life challenges. But, I have never let those struggles and losses cloud the ever-present blessings I have in my life!


I am thankful for the little things as well as the big things.
Today, I am thankful for:

my home, family, and stability.

the 33 years I had with my mother.

rainy days and an excuse to wear scarves.

my blogging outlet where I say what I want and hope people care.

my babies, who remind me everyday that their mere existence is reason to smile.

my health, the ability to go out and run 10 miles and feel good.

my Chuck Taylors, they make me feel 14 again.

the cashier at my grocery store that always remembers me and asks about my kids.

Dr. Drew Pinsky...I think I love him...stop laughing...

my say-it-like-it-is sister, don't know how I'd get through anything without her.

diamond stud earrings, not real, but my staple.
my dad, always there to talk and the greatest grandpa on earth.

my ability to find the positive in every disappointment.


my belief in the love story. Someday.

The Skidmores

My very talented cousin, Ashley took this adorable picture of my sister's family.

To see more of them, go here:

We had ours done yesterday and I can't wait to see them! Hopefully, they turn out. My three little stooges were on fire...poor Ashley!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Running update...

It is only 8 weeks until the marathon.

After a bad case of tendinitis this summer, I recovered.

Then, a month ago, I came down with pnemonia.

I thought I'd recovered, but turns out I am still left struggling with a bronchitis.

The last few times I have ran, I end up in a coughing fit for an hour afterward.

I've finally accepted that there is no way I can get back on track and be ready by January.

I will not run the marathon this year.

However, I am in for next year. It seems more fitting to run at 35 and in the year 2010 anyway! I have come to love, love, love running and there is no way I am ready to give it up!

I'm in love!

A wet, cold morning like today's required Starbucks.
I decided to try something new...a Gingerbread Latte.
And now...I am in love!
And to make it even more perfect, I asked for extra whipped cream.
4 hours later, t's still raining and really cold out. I'm gonna wrap myself in a comfy scarf and head back.
Is that terrible?
* Sadly, I have to wish away the rain, though. We are getting our pics done this afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love These!

Great Lunch bags!

My 7 yr. old buys his lunch everyday at school. I love it. It is inexpensive, convenient, and time-efficient. Luckily, we live in a school district with a great food program.

However, recently I have been getting this all-too-familiar response to the "what did you eat at lunch today?" question: PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY.

Everyday, peanut butter and jelly. Well, I befriended the head custodian at Max's school and asked him to do some daily detective work for me. I wanted to know if Max was asking for PB & J too often. Turns out, it is a daily occurrence.

So, I will no longer be paying for that.
I can make PB & J for less than $1.60/day.

I found these great lunch bags at

I love 'em. They are covered with academic questions, ranging from spelling to math to science.
Learning and eating at the same cool!

75 bags for $9.99 and I've always loved the retro brown paper bag lunch look!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Russell

My little surprise.

Meet Russell, the newest member of our family.

He is a Labradoodle, but I think he looks a lot more lab than oodle!

The best part is, even at 9 weeks old, he is such a good puppy...calm, smart, great with the kids. Did I say CALM? Yes, he is!

Why Russell? Because Russell Hammond, played by Billy Crudup in Almost Famous, is oh, so, fine! Reason enough for me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day

Over 60 years ago,

On the day America declared the Second World War had ended,

Edith Shain was scooped up by a sailor in Times Square,

And kissed...oh, this kiss.

What many don't know is that moments after, he turned one way, and she the other.

No names were exchanged. No words ever spoken.

Two strangers caught up in the moment.


Maybe the romance hasn't been smothered out of me...
Yes, there possibly is a romantic stuffed somewhere deep inside here
struggling to get out.
One day soon I hope to set her free...
Happy Veteran's Day
...kiss your favorite vet for me!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom.

I miss you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elections are Fun!

I was so excited for yesterday! I took the kids with me to vote in the morning.

My household was split. Max, Elle, and I supported Obama, while Calvin held steadfast to McCain. Cal's daddy told him that Obama would take everyone's money and he wouldn't be able to buy toys for him. I explained that Obama would only take his daddy's money, but the rest of us would be ok. Cal didn't buy it. It is funny when your 7, 5 and 3 yr. olds are arguing economics at the kitchen table.

As the results started coming in, I carried on one of my childhood traditions and had the kids color in each state red or blue. They really got into it for awhile. But, by 8 o'clock, they ditched my MSNBC for Spongebob!

I am bound and determined to make them fellow political junkies!