Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Little Girl...

I have heard that the relationship between a mother and daughter is the most difficult of all family relationships. Over the years, once the trials of teenagedom passed, my mom and I became the best of friends. Her absence has made me so much more aware of the special bond between a mother and daughter. As Elle is getting older, changing from baby to little girl, I am relishing in the many little similarities I see between she and I...from her fondness of fashion to her desire and determination to keep up with the boys. I see in her a friend for life...and I hope she will one day see in me-a soft place to fall when her heart gets broken and the first person waiting to cheer her on and share in every great event and accomplishment in her life...just as my mom always was for me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

hAppY eAstEr!

I hosted Easter at my house this year. Ted, my dad, and my sister's family came over for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. Over the break, while my kids were in Tucson, my dad and I spent two days putting together a swing set for the kids. They were so excited to finally have one! Max keeps telling everyone he got a playground for Easter.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tennis, anyone?

What am I doing during Spring Break while my kids are away?... trying to get back into tennis...been over 15 years since I've played...used to be good...not great...very sore!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

John Adams

Last night I watched the first 2 parts of the JOHN ADAMS miniseries on HBO. I am hooked! It is sooo good and I now have a new personal hero...Abigail Adams was an amazing woman: so eloquent, intelligent, and strong! I can't wait for the next part. I started reading the book so that I can stay a little ahead of the series!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Nephew

On Saturday, I got to see my nephew,Cade, get baptized. Cade is the oldest of the grandchildren in my family. We have a funny relationship...very sassy, sarcastic...ever since he was little!He is super funny and I love him so much. I am really proud of you, Cade-man!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's 59th birthday!
My dad is a very special person to me and he is the best Grandpa in the world. We are alot alike...we both have this obsessive compulsion to be exactly on time always...we hate change and don't handle it well...we both like alone time and are quiet in large group situations...we need to plan ahead!!!(this is a big one)...we both lovvvve american history (we were in heaven at Gettysburg where he layed out every battle and story for me)... I got my brown eyes, round face, long legs, and artistic talent from him. Thanks Dad! I hope you have a happy birthday and get to catch a good game on tv!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i love...

after my last post, I thought I should happy things up...

things that make me smile...

arizona desert
flip flops
chips, guacamole, & margaritas
a freshly cut lawn
smell of oil paints
puppy breath
laughing with the one i love
a great pair of jeans
road trips
scent of suntan lotion
chocolate ganache
the high after a tough workout
tree-lined streets
honesty and integrity
american history
cute bakeries and chocolate shops
smell of bleach
the deep belly laugh of my children
flaky croissants
ice cold coke over tons of ice

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

pancreatic cancer..."The Silent Disease!"

Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer.
*This announcement today brought up alot of emotion in me, not because I am a huge Patrick Swayze fan, but because I am reminded of how this disease stole from me the most amazing woman I have ever known.
*Each year about 30,000 people are diagnosed in the US with pancreatic cancer. Each year about 30,000 people die in the US from pancreatic cancer. It has the worst median survival period between diagnosis and death of any cancer (about 3 1/2 months.)
*In 1991, Michael Landon died less than 3 months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
*pancreatic cancer is "silent" because is usually has progressed before symptoms appear.
*There is no reliable screening for pancreatic cancer.
*Only 15-20% of those diagnosed are eligible for surgery. My mom was one of those people.
*Even with surgery, pancreatic cancer often returns.
My mom died 8 months after diagnosis.

*Despite the high mortality rate, the federal government spends woefully little money on pancreatic cancer research.
*If you are wondering why the words, "pancreatic cancer" are typed the way they are, it is because I don't want to give this disease the respect I know it doesn't deserve. It is a cowardly, dirty fighter. It hides and does its damage in the dark until it decides to show itself with a sucker punch to the least suspecting. There is no fair fight, not even for those with a strong will and heart. The damage is done before the fight begins. If I sound defeated and hopeless, I don't mean to. I am angry. I am angry about what this disease did to my mom and my family. And...I am sad to hear today that another family is suffering the way we had to.
*At the grocery store today, the cover of NEWSWEEK caught my eye. It said, "The Hunt for an Addiction Vaccine". I have empathy for anyone suffering addiction. However, there was nothing out there to save my mom from a disease that she was in no way personally responsible for. Redirecting our funding and reprioritizing may be in order!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rockin' 7th Birthday Party!

On Saturday, we had Max's birthday party at The Phoenix Rock Gym in Tempe. The kids had a blast. It was the first time we had been there and it is a really great place to have a party if you want to do something different. I had to provide the food and cake so I packed sack lunches (sticking with the rock climbing theme). I gave each of the kids trail mix and a water bottle filled with pop rocks, fruit leather, and a gold medal. I tied a bandana to the bottle and attached a caribiner and name tag to each. I spent alot of time on the cake, which I think turned out pretty cute. I made climbers out of fondant, used chocolate rocks, piped buttercream grass, and filled the lake with blue gel frosting. It was a great day! Happy Birthday Max! I love you!