Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Skidmores

My very talented cousin, Ashley took this adorable picture of my sister's family.

To see more of them, go here:

We had ours done yesterday and I can't wait to see them! Hopefully, they turn out. My three little stooges were on fire...poor Ashley!


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

Love these pictures of your sister and her family. Can't wait to see your pictures!

Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

K I need your email address! I know there is a way to do this in Blogger land but of course I don't know how. Everyone is better around here and we would love for you to come play in the snow with us! Email me at and we can chat.

Keri said...

Your sister's family is beautiful! Can't wait to see your's too!