Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Running update...

It is only 8 weeks until the marathon.

After a bad case of tendinitis this summer, I recovered.

Then, a month ago, I came down with pnemonia.

I thought I'd recovered, but turns out I am still left struggling with a bronchitis.

The last few times I have ran, I end up in a coughing fit for an hour afterward.

I've finally accepted that there is no way I can get back on track and be ready by January.

I will not run the marathon this year.

However, I am in for next year. It seems more fitting to run at 35 and in the year 2010 anyway! I have come to love, love, love running and there is no way I am ready to give it up!


Wendy said...

Ashley said you guys were able to take pictures!! YIPPEE! She said you looked GORGEOUS!! I was not surprised and could have told her that without even seeing you! I cant wait to see your pictures!! Stay strong Sara you are doing great and you are an amazing person!!

Keri said...

Shucks! I know you were looking forward to the marathon. Maybe I will join you next year in 2010!
Don't hold me to that though!