Sunday, October 19, 2008

a Taste of Fall

We took one last trip up north to try to catch the leaves turning. Two weeks ago, they were still green and I've had a yearning to see them red and gold. So, we took a drive. On the wind up through the canyon, I hoped to find a sea of fire-bright leaves from east to west. Instead, we found trees that seemed to have skipped a step and gone from gorgeous green to dull, dead gray.


Still, we enjoyed two cool days soaking up the fresh air and barbecuing under the pines (and Elle and I drank our fair share of hot chocolate!). It was a good weekend.

And...on the way home, the leaves had turned-

beautiful golden brown and amber.



Jeff and Kristy said...

That is os funny you mentioned Shari. She has a group of Mom's who have autistic kids and they meet twice a month and share recipes and snacks and they invited me to come. What a small world! I love all the pictures you take of your kids. They are so cute. Going up north is one of our favorite things to do as a family. So much fun!

Kacie said...

Hey Sara! I know what you mean about the tress. I wanted to take family pictures but I thik its all getting ugly up here now. I hope you guys are doing good! You should of come all the way up to Snowflake when you came to go to the Pumpkin Patch and corn Maze and visit! We sure miss you guys! By the way, my blog is blocked now so if you want me to send you an invite email me at

Kim said...

How nice to get out of town. I love drinking hot chocolate..I heard Trader Joes had peppermint marshmallows..mmmmmm
Good job on your running. Sounds like you will make it. I will be there cheering for your at the end..

Melissa said...

Oh that sounds so nice! You take the best pictures!!!

Keri said...

How fun for you and the kiddos. You all look so relaxed and happy there! Great pictures!

Jamie and Heather Darger said...

I saw your blog link .....I am so glad to see it was not private. I wish I could write like you. Mine is so boring. It is all I can do to just post photos to make up for my self professed "anti-scrap booker" title. I enjoyed reading so many of your posts. You have SO much talent in writing (and obviously photography) when you said you had a rough few years I had no idea you went though a divorce shortly after your daughter then losing your Mom. I am so sorry. I know that has probably been unbearable at times. I am so glad to see you have many friends around you~ along with your sister and Dad ~ as a support system. I can relate to a lot of your thoughts on situations. Death is confusing and maddening at times, you seem very insightful and wise as to how to keep her with you during the day, allowing her spirit to stay alive in your family. Any way you look at it - it is still just hard to have them gone. Thanks for the link….I will have to check in on you, you guys are just darling! Keep sharing your thoughts so we can all benefit from them :)