Friday, October 24, 2008

I am a, good mommy!

Back when I was teaching I would have been appalled at myself.

Today, I surprised my kids and took them out of school early. I wouldn't tell them where we were going. They were thrilled when I revealed that we were at the movie theater to see High School Musical 3. As we were walking through the parking lot, I overheard Max whisper into Cal's ear, "Don't act like you are excited. It is girly."

We joined about 40 pre-teen girls in the theater. In the opening scene, Zach Efron's face appears on screen. Holy cow, these girls went crazy! Giggles and screams! It was like Beatle-mania. I remember going to see U2: Rattle and Hum in junior high. I am pretty sure I never shrieked in excitement over seeing Bono...and, I liked Bono!

If you are a HSM (that's how we do it) fan, you will not be disappointed. It is cute and I even had to hold back some tears in the last couple of scenes. Those high school graduation scenes get me.

Oh, Toro pride lives on...
*I'm raising my hand in toro sign right now.

FYI- Max loved it, of course!

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Amanda said...

Good for you going to see it. I was meaning to take my girls on Friday but it never happened. Hopefully this week! Hope all is well. Hopefully one of these days I will see you at school!