Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I was tagged by my good friend, Kim. Ok, here goes...25 things you may or may not know about me!

  • I had shingles when I was 10 years old.

  • I used to be a member of PETA and defaced stop signs by putting "eating meat" stickers under the "STOP"!

  • I am addicted to magazines and have about 10 subscriptions.

  • I hate Pepsi! Yuck

  • I was a certified aerobics instructor long ago.

  • I don't like people touching my food and can't eat a meal at a restaurant if there are fingerprints on my plate!

  • I went through a serious "hippie" phase as a teenager, listened to Simon and Garfunkel albums incessantly, read everything I could about Woodstock, and attended peace rallies with my fellow granola friends.

  • Urban Cowboy is one of my favorite all-time movies!

  • I was a break-dancer back in the day...yes, the parachute pants and all.

  • I can't stand Michael Moore or Ann Coulter, but I think Bill O'reilly and Bill Maher are awesome!

  • I graduated college Magna Cum Laude, but I failed my driver's test in high school!

  • I am extremely indecisive!!

  • I love Mad About You reruns and think Paul and Jaime have the ideal relationship.

  • I have curly hair and don't embrace it at all.

  • I like alone time...going to movies, out to eat, shopping, reading the day away in a bookstore...I don't have the need to have people around all of the time.

  • I don't like meat in my Mexican food. Anywhere else is fine, just not in my burrito!

  • My first year of college, I paid someone to do my end-of-the-semester project. We had to write a computer program and I was completely ill-equipped to do so. I am still ashamed.

  • I like to shower before bed!

  • I have belonged to 3 different churches, all of them drastically I said, Indecisive! As Ulysses Everett McGill said, "I guess I am the only one that remains unaffiliated."

  • I love, love, love Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou! see above

  • I am a slave to the calendar. I HAVE to plan. I try to be more impulsive, but it goes against my nature.

  • I am extremely open with my life. I will share the most personal details with strangers.

  • I was a die-hard feminist when I was young and thought all women who stayed at home were wasting their true potential. I am more enlightened now, still a feminist, and think women should do what fulfills them!

  • I am terribly competitive.

  • I don't really enjoy weddings. In fact, they make me kinda sad. How sad is that?

There you go, a little insignificant insight into me.

Now, I tag you, Bri.

Get on it!


Keri said...

I know I've told you this before, but Kaylie reminds me so much of you. I can only hope that she grows up to be as great as you!

Kim said...

You are so cool! My brother and I used to break dance too..We had a silver Atari Jacket we would put on, use a flashlight for a strobe light and break dance on a piece of cardboard for my mom. SHe would just laugh and laugh...You sound a lot like myself as far as going thru a lot of phases in your young life..

Brianne Skidmore said...

What you don't know is that it took me, like, 4 days to write that. Thanks for your nudge, though. It was fun to relive both of our memories.