Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are You Doing Ok, Today?

What is better than getting home after a long, tiring day and finding this on your doorstep? Yes, by this, I mean the beautiful loaf of french bread marbled with rich, creamy chocolate that you see above. I didn't even put the soccer ball down before I ripped open the plastic bag and tore off a piece. Ah, heaven! Heather...you are the best!

Sad moments in our lives remind us of how lucky we are. I have been blessed with such loving people. Remembering that Sept. 8 would be difficult, so many of my friends and family made sure to remind me that they were there ...Thank you Ted, for the perfect white roses (Every girl loves flowers, Babe!). Thank you, Dad and Bri~ for the phone calls to check on me (There is a lot of "how are you doing?" between the three of us). Thank you, Jennifer and Sammi (and Huddy!)~ for the yummy cupcakes and hugs. Thank you, Max~for the sweet letter you wrote to Grandma. Thank you, Lindsay~ for the Hydrangeas...so pretty! Thank you to all of my friends and family that just told me they were thinking of me. It helps, really! And, thank you, Catherine (one of my mom's dearest friends) , for the evening phone call. It came just at the right time. Talking to you always makes me feel so close to my mom.

Thanks for getting me through the day!

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