Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Gift

My little man. Oh, this sweet boy has a gift...The Gift of Gab! By the second week of school, I was on the telephone with Max's teacher. She says he won't stop talking in class. Hmmm, sounds familiar. Why? Because Max spent half of his kindergarten year sitting at a table in the back of the room by himself. Why? Because Max's first grade teacher hopped him around the room constantly desperately hoping she'd plop him next to someone he wouldn't be interested in chatting with.
This is not news. This is Max. Let me be clear. He DOES NOT get this from me. I struggled with shyness for years and, in some ways, still do. So, while I don't want him disrupting the learning in his classroom, I am secretly a little pleased that Max is so friendly and social!


Kim said...

That is so funny. He really is such a sweet, good little guy. Maybe it's good that he and Tate aren't in the same class. Tate spent many a day at a desk by himself last year also. He gets distracted and starts talking to people and ends up missing recess to finish his work.This year has been much better,it helps he is sitting between 2 girls though.
Well, at least he doesn't have trouble making friends, right?

Keri said...

I have that same gift and sadly I always got in trouble for talking in school too! I always tell my students that the reason I became a teacher was so I could be the one to talk all day and not get in trouble!