Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unfortunate Trip To The Dentist...

They do! They really do! Although today's 2 hour visit to the dentist and the extensive bill afterward would lead one to believe otherwise, my kids really do brush their teeth!!

My poor, groggy, numbed-up boys are laying on the couch, eating ice-cream, and watching the Three Stooges videos Grandpa gave them. They are surprisingly in good spirits, probably the result of the brand new packs of baseball cards I bought for them on the way home from Dr. Miner's office: a peace offerring paid out of guilt for putting them in that dentist chair.

An Hour Ago:
Cal and Max endured the following:

Nitrous Oxide
4 pulpotomy/pulpectomy (yes, they are as bad as they sound!)
4 stainless steel crowns
2 fillings
2 extractions (yes, they were yanked!)

I hope this post will serve as a PSA to all mommies out there...
Don't miss even one of your 6 month check-ups because in that short time a small cavity can turn into a painful and costly problem (and in our case, 14 of them.) Take it from my boys. In spite of the missed day of school and the hefty $ they should receive from the Tooth Fairy, they probably could have done without all the hassle and discomfort.

Now, only one more visit next week and we'll be done. Yes, the work mentioned above was only the left sides of their mouths!


Kim Davis said...

Are you serious??????????Wow, ouch, poor kids. Tate had his top 4 and bottom 2 pulled because the big ones were coming in and the baby ones weren't loose and that was pretty bad. What they had done sounds terrifying...maybe this will encourage them to keep trying to take care of their teeth?

Keri said...

Oh my gosh, that stinks!! Kaylie had to get a root canal which cost us a ton of money! Poor kiddos!