Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Lunch for Brunch Kind of Day...

I woke up
in tears this morning.

I had a dream about my mom.

This anniversary is
really getting to me.

Get the oldest off to school
and load the monkey and the ellebelle in the car.

Head to the ASU bookstore to get a t-shirt
for my brother-in-law's birthday.

Carefully pull my big, bad Tahoe
into the made-for-mini coupe space and
start scavenging through my seats for change
for the parking meter. 35 cents...great. I've got 13 minutes.

On our way in, an 18-ish looking guy (probably a psych major)
with purple shoes, carrying one of those really big skateboards,
calls me "Mam."

Ok...not happy about this!
Wasn't it not that long ago that I was napping in the MU between classes?
NO! It was 13 years ago! Dang...I'm older than I thought!
Thanks, cool dude with the long board, for reminding me I really am OLD.

14 minutes later,
with a bag full of Sparky this and Sparky that
(I didn't have time to argue with the kiddos. I'm on the clock here.),
I head back to the car.

Cal, afraid of "The Police,"
spies a security guy checking out my meter.
He starts to cry, turn tail, and run.
Quick as I am, I snatch the monkey before he escapes,
grab the ellebelle, scoop them up,
along with my Sparky paraphernalia,
and run toward the parking meter.

After five minutes of convincing this power hungry
"security (seriously who's he kidding)" guy that my meter JUST ran out,
I got off scot-free!
Thank goodness I put on makeup and wore the tight jeans...
apparently not TOO old!

On my way home,
I call my sis to double-check if the size XXL Tshirt I got Casey will fit.
"Uh-no way!" Crap, back to the bookstore tomorrow for an exchange!
Am I the only woman on earth terrible at sizing up men?

Exhausted, I get home, fall to the couch,
and flip on MSNBC for a little convention coverage.

Ring, Ring...I hate it when my home phone rings...
It is never good,
nor anyone I care to talk to.

"This is the nurse at school."
Oh, great...can't be good.

"It is Brunch for Lunch day today."
She laughs.

"Max has managed to get syrup on his clothes and needs a change."
Well, I couldn't have guessed this.

"What does he need? A shirt?"

"Max, do you need your mom to bring you socks and shoes, too?"
Is she kidding?

"He just needs a shirt and shorts."

Ok. Wake the ellebelle and throw her back into the car.

I walk through the door and see Max sitting in the hallway,
eating french toast sticks,
grinning from ear to ear.
Behind him, also smiling, the nurse and principal.
Apparently, he has them under his spell.
He is covered from chest to knees in syrup.

The nurse swears is was an accident,
but I know better.

I have inside information into this little boy
and this was, in no way,
an accident.

I hand Max his clothes, give him my look.
You know the one, Moms.
The one that says, we will deal with this at home later...
later, when I will say things to you that,
when I come to my senses, I will feel guilty about.

Yeah...I'll see you at home little man.

Finally, I get home. It is 1:00. It is just one of those days...


Melissa said...

Wow! What a day. (What a cute mom you are too).

Tasha said...

Oh Sara, these days seem to happen more often than not to me. It's nice that you can see the humor of it all.
Also, I am always so impressed by the posts about your mother. from what I have seen from you and Brianne she had to haeve been an exceptional mother.

Ashley said...

totally get it!! You forgot that you did this all in 100+ weather. In and out of the car with kids. Hate those days. You are a good mom!

Keli said...

The "look". I love the "look". My kids know I mean business when the look comes out.

You need a nap this weekend.

Keri said...

Good old Brunch for Lunch day!! The kids end up wild and crazy all afternoon and my classroom smells like syrup, which makes me want to eat something sweet!

Hope tomorrow is better.

Wendy said...

I totally hear you! This type of day is more normal then the others anymore! LOL! YOu crack me up! oh and thanks for reminding me of the nightmare memories of the ASU parking meters! UGH!~IF you could find a place to park that is~can you say a parking ticket EVERYDAY????