Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow Days 2

What's a cabin trip without some sledding, snowman building, and a serious snowball fight?

Lance and Grandpa made a trail for the kids to sled on and kept them busy for hours.With the help of Grandpa, the girls built one homely snowman.
Then, the snowball fight commenced. This is not my favorite event at the cabin. Last year, I took a hard one to the head (and camera)- courtesy of my sweet brother-in-law. This year,I was determined to take cover, but when my guard was down for a brief moment, Casey took the opportunity to launch one monster snowball. I attempted to escape into the cabin, but my efforts were futile and I ended up sliding on my back into the kitchen surrounded by melting snow. Is this what having a little brother is like? So sad I missed that my whole life.

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Brianne Skidmore said...

I love that I never have to take my camera out of it's bag when I'm with you. I LOVE these pictures.