Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas

Christmas Eve...

• 5 hours of baking
• Party with Runyans
• El Charro take-out
• Nativity game and lesson courtesy of my sister
• Christmas Pajamas
• Movies


• Wrapping gifts until 12:30am
• Putting kids back to bed at 1:30am
• Putting kids back to bed at 3:30am
• Telling kids they can sit at stare at the gifts at 5:00am
• Finally, getting out of bed and allowing kids to unwrap at 5:40am
• Pancakes
• Take kids to their dad's
• Bike ride with Lance (not really a ride so much as my clumsy attempt to get used to the gears and clipping in).
• Christmas dinner with Runyans

It was a hectic Christmas, but we loved it just the same.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Brianne Skidmore said...

Isn't it always?! It was good to have your kids, this year (and Lance, too:)).
Happy New Year, Sar. See you tomorrow!

Abby Runyan said...

So fun to see your at the Runyans parties! My family does El Charro take out for our Christmas party too. I'm craving it just thinking about it.