Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 More Weeks!

I just finished running 20 miles- my last long run before the race.

In three weeks, I'll be running my second marathon and raising more money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in memory and honor of my mom.

If you'd like to help me reach my goal, please click on the fundraising page on the right side of my page.

Thank you to the following donators who have already contributed...

Tommy & Leigh Stapley
Pat and Joan Bird
Thos Porter
Wally Stevenson
Anita Epperson
Kendra Sullivan
Gary Carbonneau
Ashley Heap
Hannah & Jake Jemsek
Lee & Sue Cook
Jordan Paulk
Shawn Stevenson
Emily Burton
Cheryl Haws
Alicia Dart
Whitney Grum
Catherine Pletchette
Randy and Miriam Skidmore
Carol Anderson
Greg and Heidi Skidmore
Lori Baker
Kathy Bollinger
Sandy Wood
Keri Hatos
Ron & Wendy Peterson
Dave & Lucille Gates
Susie Eastwood
Yve Horowitz & Tim Bode
Natalie Hall
Casey, Kammie, Quade, and Crew
Brooke Understiller
Claire Fugit
Jim and Lindsay Rector
Ted Peterson
Jennifer Bray
Brianne Skidmore
Rayna & Kammie
Val & Kyle Reedy
Phil Peterson
Shane and meredith Urry
Rue and Nancy Wodell
Carolyn O'Reilly
Sammi Deutsch
Grant, Mindy & Colton Taylor
Bryon Smith
Max, Calvin, & Elle Stevenson
Lance Runyan
Tami Myers
John and Ann Gates
Kimberly Davis

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Kristy Treible said...

Was it hard to train during the holidays??? Can't wait to hear all about your next marathon! Good luck!