Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's time.

Sixteen weeks until marathon #2.

Official training starts on Monday.

I wish I could say I'm thrilled, but I'm not.

I have enjoyed the last four months: dropping in the gym when the urge hit, exercising for enjoyment, sleeping in until 6:30, running slow, running short, hitting the carton of Breyer's Vanilla Bean instead of the black asphalt.

It's been sweet relief.

Soon, that all comes to an end and

I will begin the most monotonous and exhausting thing I have ever known.

So, why do it?

As a fellow runner explained, "If you have to ask, you will never understand. It is something only those select few know. Those who put themselves through pain, but know, deep down, how good it really feels."

So, for the next 4 months, I will train- tempo runs, long runs, fartleks, shin splints, knee aches, icing, protein shakes, glucosamine, ibuprofen, and a few tears.

In the end it will be worth it. I've experienced the runner's high many times, but never more than the moment I finished 26.2 miles.

I can't wait to do it again.

"The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep." -Robert Frost


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

If anyone can do it, you can! You are amazing! Good luck!

Brooke said...

Sounds like fun! Good for you to be ready to run another 26.2 so soon! I wish I was:) I loved the looks I got from others when I told them I had fartlek training! I finally just started referring to it as "track practice". Best of luck, Sara!

Katie said...

You really are amazing! Good luck with the training.

Kristy Treible said...

Good for you Sara!I want to do the half, but I don't know how to train. I need your help!

Katie said...

Good luck in training. It sounds grueling and I really can't understand the thrill. It makes me tired just thinking about it. You are amazing.

Keri said...

26.2 sounds impossible to me! Right now I get excited when I run more than 2 miles without stopping! I'm so glad it is cooling off though because I despise running on the treadmill!

Good luck!!