Monday, September 21, 2009

School Lunch Ideas

In my attempt to reform the diets of my children, I gave up the convenience of a hot school lunch for a healthy, made-at-home alternative.

My kids have always loved buying school lunch, but since it is impossible for me to know exactly what is in the food that the kids are eating (Trust me, I tried.), I decided to start making their lunches this year.

I've found some great additions to their brown bags.

Some of our favorites:
  • Horizon organic chocolate and vanilla milk boxes
  • Capri Sun juice pouches (no longer contain High Fructose Corn Syrup!)
  • All Natural Pop Chips
  • Organic PB and all-natural, organic jam
  • Whole wheat bread w/out artificial ingr. or preservatives (EVERY loaf at my closest grocery store contains these, so I get bread at Fresh and Easy. Omega 3 seed and Sprouted Wheat are my favorites!)
  • Organic Valley cheese sticks
  • Cookie cutters for sandwiches
  • Clifbar Zbars and Twisted Fruit Ropes (My kids love these for lunches and snacks and I like them for long runs.)
To make the lunches more fun, check out these items: order to avoid an all-out revolt, I allow the kids to choose one day a week to eat a school lunch. They love going through the menu and picking out their favorite day.

Here's to healthy kiddos!

Just for fun, if you want to see some school lunches from around the world, go here.


shelene.a.cooley said...

Love this. Now I knew Lance would start getting to you. I make my kids lunch everyday. I thought they would get sick of the same thing over and over again but they haven't Great ideas. Costco has a lot of great organic or all natural stuff to buy by the bulk get it way cheaper. Great post

Davis Family Ü said...

Go Sara.. we do alot of these.. organic string cheese, organic kids cliff bars..yum.. I haven't triedt he Horizon milks for lunches.. good idea.. I love the lunch grams too. .very cute!

Katie said...

I loved your ideas and went looking the only place there is to look here for the twisted fruit ropes. Sadly, none at Walmart. Maybe I will have to order them online. I wish it wasn't all so expensive.

Sara said...

The only place I've found them around here is Bashas. Weird.

Jacey said...

I've seen the Fruit ropes @ Fry's and Costco (I think or they have the fruit pull apart thingys, still organic) and I think I've seen them @ Sprouts. Good luck and happy shopping and eating! :) Great ideas! Thanks Sara for sharing.