Saturday, June 7, 2008

A night with the girls!

Last night, Sam, Jen, and I went to see Sex And The City and then out for dinner and margaritas. With 9 kids between the three of us, it goes without saying that finding time for us all to get together child-free is rare. We had a blast! We have all been friends for a really long time and these girls have been there for me through everything. They were there through every difficult step of my divorce and at my house the morning after my mom died. Thanks for everything. I love you two!


Jeff & Kristy said...

that is so nice that you had such good friends there for you through your hard times, it is hard to find good friends, but you really know who your true friends are when you are going through difficult times. Looks like alot of fun you girls had!

P.S. i thought the movie was too long, but i can watch it again because i love all the cute clothes!

Keri said...

How fun! It is so great to have a girls night out, especially when there is a great movie and margaritas involved!!