Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Done With Diapers

After changing diapers for over 7 years, I am finally DONE!! Woo Hoo! Elle is in undies for good. The experience of potty training two boys and enduring the fighting, crying, stupid peeing and pooping parties we had (thanks Dr. Phil), accidents on the floor, imprisonment at home, and all the other joys that accompanied this chore, I came up with a plan...DO NOTHING! Last week I ran out of Pull-ups and was feeling under the weather. Not wanting to run to the store for more, I told Elle we were out and she was going to have to just suck it up and sit on the toilet. Over the last 6 months I have asked her occasionally if she wanted to try. She'd say, "no" and I never pushed. Well, not wanting to pee on herself, she climbed up and...success!! That was it. It has been almost a week and she seems to be completely trained. She even stays dry at night! I have always said that there is nothing about parenting that I dislike with the exception of potty training. I dreaded it with Elle and kept putting it off, which turned out to be the best route to success!


Keri said...

Way to go Elle!! She is so cute in that picture!

Jeff & Kristy said...

that is so nice when you don't have to buy or change diapers. as for the shirts i got the design at michaels and you just iron it on the shirt - super easy! i bought matching ribbon at ribbons & lace...I love that store!

Heather Mommy said...


I am so happy for you! One day I will be there to, hopefully. I mean I assume that Audrey won't still be in diapers when she graduates from high school.

What a cute pic of Elle.