Monday, June 23, 2008


We just got back from California. My niece, Phoebe was dancing at California Adventures and we went to watch. We spent two days at the beach and one at Disneyland. They are going through a heat wave in California right now and it was the hottest day I have ever spent at Disneyland. It didn't phase the kiddos, though. They loved every minute of it! Max & Cade

My neice, Sofia, was terrified of the characters! She sat just like this the entire breakfast, convinced that if she was still and kept the napkin over her head, none of them would notice her!

My dad and Max


Keri said...

How fun!! You really take the best pictures! That's too bad about the heat in CA, usually it is so nice in June! Sorry about the sad news you commented on my blog about!! That is so crazy!!

Wendy said...

That is hysterical about Sophia!! Cooper sat through an entire fireworks show under a blanket scared to death! The things we "make" our kids do to have fun!~We are such mean parents! Your Dad looks good! Im glad he went with you guys! I wish our family had as much fun as yours does!!!

Jeff & Kristy said...

looks like alot of fun!!