Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year

New Year's Eve was so much fun. Ted had a party at his house. That night has never been one that I really enjoyed that much, but this New Years was great. It was nice to end such a difficult year feeling happy. Thanks for watching the kids, Dad! A Look Back at 2007...

January~ My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had major surgery. My niece, Lila was born. She was born with a cleft palette. But, otherwise healthy and beautiful.
February~ We celebrated my birthday at my mom's bedside in the hospital. She was so worried about not being able to shop for me and sent out my sister to buy my gifts...cute clothes and shoes!
March~My mom continued to recover from surgery. Max played t-ball.
April~My mom began chemo. She was told it was mild, wouldn't get sick or lose any hair. She did both.
May~ Bri and I suprised my mom with a Mother's Day trip to Vegas to see Celine Dion. It turned out to be one of the best trips of my life. We had fun listening to cover bands, drinking foo-foo drinks, while my mom and sister laughed at me because I can't say "no" to anybody...not even sleezy, drunk, toothless, old men that want to dance. We laughed alot. We didn't know how little time we had left with her and I will always cherish those two days. I also began dating Ted this month. My family got sick of hearing me talk about this cute guy in my neighborhood and convinced me to ask him out.
June~ We went to Disneyland. We had a great time, but the beach is always my favorite part of a cali trip. I love swimming in the ocean! I think if I had been raised near water and had good beach hair I could have made a great surfer chick. Maybe someday I'll get to live on the beach!
July~We learned my mom's cancer had spread and she had less than six months. She stopped chemo and we tried our best to support her, while emotionally preparing to lose her.
August~Max played soccer and my dad, Bri, and I spent as much time as possible with my mom. In those last couple of months with her, I can gladly say that we laughed as often as we cried.
September~ On the evening of Sept. 8, my mom passed away. This was easily the most difficult and painful night of my life. The rest of September was a blur.
October~ Still feeling in a state of shock , I tried to get into fall (my favorite time of year) and enjoy it with the kids.
November~ Ted and I flew to Paris where we drank bottles of wine in quaint cafes along tree lit, cobble stone, rain soaked streets and fell in love with the city. (If you've never been, go!)
December~ The hardest time since my mom passed away. (My mom gave Christmas its sparkle!) Christmas Eve has been the same for the four of us since I can remember. The tradition of El Charro, Christmas pajamas, and a video was so important to my mom. We tried our best without her, but her absence was heart-wrenching. Still, I got through the holidays. Hopefully, next year will be easier...


Keri said...

Happy New year!! What a cute picture of you and Ted!

Keri said...

I just read through your comments for each month with smiles and tears...You have been through so much this year, and I am certain that 2008 will be filled with many happy moments and wonderful memories. We need to plan a night out soon and get the fun started!

Brianne Skidmore said...

That was beautiful and honest, Sar. This has been a hard year. It can only get better. Here's to '08.
PS- Teds eyes look a little hazy in that pic.

Heather Mommy said...

Happy New Year! It's great to start a new year especially after a hard 2007. I hope for good things for you this year!