Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My mom, the democrat!

Election year will always be exciting to me...It will also always remind me of my mom. She loved politics and I can remember how excited she'd get during every election. Early in the morning, before the sun, she would take me (still in pajamas) with her to the polling place. My parents would let me stay up late that night and color in red or blue on my little US map as the states came in throughout the night. My mom was a passionate and life-long democrat. Living through and being personally touched by issues like civil rights and vietnam made her quite opinionated and she didn't hide which way her political views swayed. I, like her, have become quite a political junkie. I love all things politics and while she may have been dissappointed that I fall more toward the center than left, she was always proud that she was able to instill a sense of excitement and responsibility to be part of the political process. I am sorry that she didn't live long enough to vote in this election. Although, I am not sure which way she would have gone...Hillary or Barack. But, if a democrat does win this election, I'm sure she will have had a hand in it!


Jane said...

Hi Sara, I would love to talk to you--email me at

Keri said...

I love the pictures of your mom and dad! So great!

Brianne Skidmore said...

They are some things that are better left in the family, Sara.