Sunday, March 18, 2012

Celebrating with a Good Sweat!

Max wanted to spend St. Patrick's Day running in a race. Of course, this makes me all giddy. My boy likes to run! I signed him up for the Scottsdale St. Patrick's Day Run. It was a 4 mile race that race along the canals in downtown Scottsdale. He takes this running thing seriously. He was out there warming up with a few sprints alongside the competitive runners (I don't even warm up before a race). I urged him to get right in the front at the start since they were using ankle timers which all start at the same time instead of starting when he passed through the start line. 10 seconds into the race I realized this was a mistake! He was getting carried along by the fast runners and I thought he was definitely going out too fast. Uh oh. We lost sight of him until he came back around with a mile left to go. He passed with a huge smile on his face. We cheered him on! He finished in 34 minutes (which is a 8:33 pace if you are wondering)! Wow, my kid is fast! Max placed 52nd out of 162 men and 5th in his age division (10-14yrs). I am so proud of him for setting a goal and surpassing it! He's been searching for more races online since we've been home!

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