Sunday, May 1, 2011

Warrior Dash

This sounded like such a great idea when I signed up months ago.

A short race with some fun obstacles along the, right.

Well, for me, the verdict is still out.

My sister and I decided to stay together. We wanted to work hard and get a fairly good time, so I would push her through the runs and she'd push me through the obstacles.

When the horn blew, we took off and hot puffs of air shot down at us as we crossed the start line.

We ran about a mile before we came to the first obstacle- climb over waist-high barrier, crawl under fence, repeat, repeat, repeat.

The next obstacle we came to was a series of steep hills of deep, loose dirt. This is where I took my first spill.

Then, we approached one of my favorite obstacles, the tires. We quick-stepped through several tires and then, climbed over of some old junkyard cars.

We ran on and by this time I was hot and really thirsty.

The course then took us through more obstacles requiring climbing, balancing, jumping, and ducking.

Finally, we rounded a corner and came to some obstacles that our friends and family could get a good view of- the hay wall and the net wall.

The remaining obstacles included a bungee maze, rope wall, and crawl across a net.

As we rounded the last corner the finish line was in view.

I was so hot at this point and the heat from the flames ahead were not helping. Bri and I took a giant leap over the fire and headed for the mud pit.

As we approached, I realized we were the only two racers around, nobody was in the mud pit, and all of the spectators were staring right at us.

Great. We had every one's attention. People were yelling, "Dive!"'

I stepped in and fell right to my knees. I immediately realized this was going to be a challenge. The mud was thick, deep, and mostly gravel. I tried to dig my feet in, but it wasn't working. Crawling on my hands and knees was the only option.

I moved my knee forward on the gravel and quickly learned my knees were not getting out of this looking pretty.

I continued as fast as I could. I just wanted out of the mud.

Bri and I finished together.

Today my knees are sore and scraped up and I can't decide if I'll do this again. I did get a great workout in and it was some awesome people watching. But, the part I thought would be the most fun- the mud, turned out to be less than enjoyable...

and I'm still finding mud in strange places.


Leigh said...

You girls are CRAZY and beautiful! I need a riding pardner STAT Sara!

jillian said...

sooo fun! that looks like my dream come true. i wish i knew about that one! you 2 sisters are so cute. :)

Katie said...

So fun that you ran together!