Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter was a particularly difficult one.

I missed my kids and my mom desperately.

My ex-husband got to spend the morning with the kids, so I anxiously and impatiently awaited them most of the day. I was feeling lonely and sad.

I made a visit to the cemetery to spend some quiet time with my mom. It helped.

By 3:00, I had my kids home again and our Easter finally began.


Davis Family Ü said...

We should have talked.. I was feeling very sad too.. even though I was surrounded by sure wasn't the same without my mom either.. sigh** i can't imagine it getting any better. Hugs Sara!

Keri said...

I love Elle's new haircut! So cute! I'm sorry you were feeling sad, but glad you finally got to celebrate with the kiddos. eventually. Hugs to you!