Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is Mistletoe Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf.

Every night he leaves our house and heads to the North Pole to report to Santa all about the goings on in our home, but most importantly, the kids behavior for the day.

He shows back up in our home every morning in a different place.

He doesn't talk.

He can't be touched.

But, the kids can talk to him all they want.

Last night, I found Cal telling him all about his day.

The kids are totally enamoured with him and love searching for him every morning.

You can get your own Elf on the Shelf here.


Kristy Treible said...

I have not made it to Pottery Barn to get this yet. I should just order it online before it is too late. I think it is so cute!

Katie said...

Love the idea! Thanks for sharing.

Davis Family Ü said...

We got ours at Hallmark... BLake loves ours.. he named him Pinnochio..:)