Saturday, May 1, 2010

Passed!'s official.

This guy will soon be a kindergarten graduate.

I've had my moments of doubt up until now, you see.

Academically, sure, he's right on track.

But, behaviorally....hmmm.

Last week I walked into Cal's classroom to help out and discovered his desk far removed from the rest of the class.

When I asked him about it, he replied, "Mom, the kids in my group kept talking to me. Mrs. O moved me so they wouldn't bother me anymore."


But, thankfully, adequate reading, writing, and arithmetic are still the requirements for advancement to first grade.

Active listening, staying on task, and keeping hands to yourself not necessarily required...phew!


Katie said...

Too funny! I love that picture of him. Adorable!

Katie said...

He looks so cute! Congrats to kids who keep life fun.

Davis Family Ü said...

Awww,very cute! Tate works better when he is "removed" from the group too.. everyone is always talking to him as well..wink, wink