Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let The Tapering Begin

Bright and early in the morning, I will set out for my 20 mile run. It will be the longest run I do before June 12th.

The last three months of training have been emotionally and physically challenging.

The week I decided to sign up for the Utah Valley Marathon, I injured my leg during a trail run.

For a few weeks, I couldn't run. But, getting further and further behind in my training, I decided to go ahead and start running on it. Mile after mile, I limped my way through, barely being able to put weight on my injured leg.

Some days were worse than others.

Some days I finished in tears.

But, I was hell-bent on being ready for Utah.

So, I kept running.

And, when I finally admitted to myself that my injury was not improving, I decided that some intervention was in order.

For the last five weeks, I have been going to physical therapy. A terribly tight IT Band has been to blame. And, week after week, my runs have felt better. My stride was coming back and the annoying limp was finally disappearing.

Then, I ran my 19 mile long run last weekend and somewhere between mile 3 and 4, a sharp pain began in my knee... on the other leg. And, a couple of miles later... pain in my ankle. I was waiting for this.

All of that limping took its toll on my good leg and now it was mad...and, it was yelling at me.

With only one long run left before tapering, I know I can endure the pain and get through this training.

I just don't know how well I'll run in Utah.

All runners second guess their training toward the end...Did I put in enough miles? Too many miles? Enough hills? The right pace? The right shoes?

In my case, I can't question any decision I've made. My legs dictated my training. Sure, I thought about throwing in the towel a thousand times.

But, if I'd quit, all I'd ever remember from this was that



On June 12th, I'm leaving it up to my legs

and I sure hope

they're on my side.


Katie said...

Good luck Sara! You amaze me. I hope your legs do well.

aubri said...

Good luck girl! You can do it!

Maury said...

My 22 miler yesterday was horrible with a capital H. It didn't leave me with too much confidence for June 12th... I am excited to taper, though. And I always struggle with trusting in my training. always.

Jacey said...

You'll do great, as ALWAYS! Believe in yourself and your, ROCKIN' legs!! Good luck girl! :)