Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lindor White Chocolate Truffles

I have spent most of my life despising white chocolate,
that is, until about a month ago.

While checking out at Borders Books, I grabbed one of these babies, thinking it was my beloved dark.

Ever since, I have been hooked! I can't stop indulging on these creamy little pieces of perfection.

And... I'm getting my fill now because, come Monday morning, I am cutting out sugar and white flour.

Please, pray for my now.


Kristy Treible said...

Sara- We are so much chocolate & dark chocolate! Umm...what the heck are you going to eat without white flour?? You are going to have to join Tyla for meals so you don't feel deprived!!!! Oh, and you are going to feel hungry all the time because of the lack of that filling white flour! Good Luck!

heathermommy said...

White flour hasn't been that hard for me but sugar is a continual struggle. Rick has been off it for 2 years!! I always feel guilty that I haven't joined him.

Good luck. Get ready for some fun withdrawls!!