Friday, February 5, 2010

The Derby

It's over


we survived.

After last year, I went into this with little excitement and even less expectations. Max better be making some pretty awesome memories here. Otherwise, this whole pinewood derby thing is for the birds!

Max's "Fire n Ice" creation raced fairly well, finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. And, I didn't get one dirty look from my little pinewood derby participant. So, that's a big win for me!

2 years down and 4 more to go.

ugh. really?

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Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

I can't even imagine how many Pinewood Derby cars we will have by time the whole thing is over!! So happy to hear it went better this year! We have our Derby coming up soon and even though I don't have a boy racing, I'm excited to see how it all works so that I can help my 3 little monkey boys in the future. Congrats for surviving!!