Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Crushes

Along with the obvious, such as my friends, family, and fiance...

Right now, I am loving these~
I am making such better food choices thanks to this book.

I am addicted to this stuff...does wonders!

My running musts... shoe pocket, Addidas Glides (on my 4th pair), & Roadrunner's capris.

Pita Jungle's Grilled Vegetable Salad...Lance ordered this on our first date and now I am hooked!

I love this show! How can anything with Sally Field be less than wonderful?

Green smoothies...I blend up almond milk, protein powder, bananas, berries, pineapple, and a handful of spinach...Delicious!!
I get so excited when this arrives each month!
My post-run treat.

I've stocked up on this lotion. The scent is perfection.


Katie said...

Thank you for sharing. I always love getting new ideas from others :)

Kristen's Raw said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE green smoothies!!!


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

Brothers and Sisters is the best! Jer and I are hooked. And who doesn't love anything Burt's Bees. Their chapstick feels so good!!