Sunday, February 10, 2008

My little monkey!

Impulsiveness is something that I suffer from. I will impulsively paint my bedroom at midnight because I can't sleep and repaint it the next day because I hate it. I will impulsively eat an entire box of Ding Dongs and spend the rest of the week trying to exercise it off. I will impulsively throw out half the clothes in my closet and end up in tears the next day because I got rid of perfectly great things. And yesterday, I impulsively shaved my son's hair into a mohawk. I shaved his beautiful blond locks- the hair we had been trying desperately to grow out for the last several months. The most recent shave was a result of an unfortunate scissor incident where Cal (also apparently sufferring from impulsiveness) decided to reproduce a preschool craft project on his head. So, yesterday, for some unknown reason I thought...hmm...I'm bored...a mohawk...why not? Cal was game for the shave, but when he saw the mohawk, he decided it all had to go. The mohawk is gone and he has an adorable shave. I love it, though. It accentuates his cute ears! And, Cal loves it, also. He says he looks just like Ted and Grandpa!

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Keri said...

He has such a cute face, no matter what his hair looks like!