Monday, February 11, 2008

Check out this show!

If you haven't already caught it, you have to check out the show Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht on the TLC channel. It follows a couple who have one set of twins and a set of sextuplets throughout their daily lives. The kids are adorable and the parents are really funny. It is a good reminder that if they can do it with 8, I can certainly manage my 3.
(Notice the baby gate around the xmas tree!...too funny!!)


Melissa said...

I love those type of shows. I will check it out. I hope you had a happy birthday. It's funny, because I was thinking about how we shared our birthday too. Remember when we had a joined birthday party at my house. I still have pictures.

I went to lunch the other day with Amanda Greer and Aubrey Bang. Next time we get together, I will let you know. I know as we grew older we hung around in different circles, but I still think it would be fun all have lunch sometime.

Sara said...

I thought we did that one year. Funny. I would love to come to lunch with you guys. Let me know.

Nicole said...

I love that show! It amazes me how they manage those 8 children...the wife is so funny too.
-Nicole (keri's friend)

Keri said...

That really is a great show! I was just watching it back to back on Sunday night when I couldn't fall asleep (I was so rested from the weekend!!). They are hilarious...the mom cracks me up! Hope you had a great b-day!