Friday, March 8, 2013

Phoenix Marathon 2013

For the last 4 month, I have been training with the Las Sendas Run*Bike*Tri group...My new best friends!
I had my sights on a PR(personal record) and a BQ (Boston qualifying time). I was fully confident that I'd prepared perfectly.
I had trained hard.
I had eaten right.
I had taken every precaution to avoid the dreaded colds and flu running rampant.
I was ready.
On Friday afternoon, I woke from a nap and felt something was off.
I was getting sick.
By 9:00pm, I was feeling awful. I sent Lance to the store for some non-drowsy cold medicine.
I woke up at 3:45am Saturday morning determined to finish the race if it killed me.
Before leaving, I took Tylenol Cold Medicine for my misery, Excedrin Migraine for my pounding headache, and Aleve for my nagging sore leg.
In retrospect, too many drugs! But, I was desperate and miserable.
As I stood at the start line and yawned, I questioned my decision to continue.
Well, the at this point the race is sort of a blur. I remember feeling happy and then, it just hurt.
I crossed the finish line in 3:54, tying my PR.
I got my medal.
Enough said.
(The best support team a girl could ask for)

 (Not happy. Crossing the finish line)
 (My great friend, Keisa... The fastest girl in town)
(Las Sendas Run*Bike*Tri group. Great training partners)
(Nycole and Brenda... We ran most of our long training runs together and at a few donuts!)

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heathermommy said...

you are amazing!! i couldn't do that even when i am completely healthy!