Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

I just finished a substitute Kindergarten job. It was 2 1/2 weeks with some little cuties.
But, I'm tired and ready for some r&r. I have a weekend to look forward to including a nice trail run, basketball games, and dinner with my husband, who I haven't seen enough of lately.
Time for some of the things I'm loving right now...
Friday Favorites
These are new and amazing! The blueberry graham cracker is yummy, too!
 With all the trail running I've been doing, one of these has become necessary!
The conventions! I love everything politics and American History & national conventions are a significant part of our election process. Whichever side I'm sitting on, I watch it all.
Educational websites! I love the endless number of school help websites out there today. I used to make personalized practice sheets for kindergarten and love to help my kiddos with math concepts and test preparation.
I have limited my soda intake, but I'm not a water drinker. So, how do I get several glasses down a day? Lots & lots of ice and splashes of unsweetened juice. R.W. Cherry juices and Fresh & Easy unsweetened juices are my favorites.
Someone really should save me from InSession. I am convinced I should have been a prosecuting attorney! ...or Constitutional Law attorney! Hmmm.

I loved these as a kid and unfortunately picked up a box over the weekend. I have been through 3 boxes this week. Darn all-American candy.
Happy Weekend!

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