Saturday, September 3, 2011

50 Miles

I am a runner.

I am not a cyclist.

But, when you are continuously being plagued by injuries, you realize maybe it's time to change up your workouts.

And, so I took up biking.

Biking is far more complicated than running.

A runner laces up her shoes, turns on the Ipod, and goes.

A cyclist must gear up: get into the spandex and shoes, put on the helmet and sunglasses (must be over helmet straps...some cycling unwritten rule?), and fill your jersey pockets with phone, tube, flat repair, gels, and bars.

You must check your bike, fill your tires, and load up your bottles.

Then, there is the application of chamois cream, but I'll spare you those details.

It's just a lot of prep work- not what I'm used to.

Then, there's the high.

Oh, the high.

Runners know all about it.

You know when you feel it and I've felt it on many runs.

I've yet to feel it on the bike, but I'm not giving up.

Today, I set out and accomplished 50 miles.

No high,

but I'm pretty darn proud of myself just the same.

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