Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabulous Fourth

We headed up North for the Fourth of July weekend. Bri and I drove the kids while our husbands rode their bikes up to Payson.

Two days in the mountains were a much needed relief from this heat. The day we left, it had reached 118 degrees at home.

At the cabin, the kids had a blast on the quads (Elle received a small eye injury courteous of her reckless brothers' driving skills...*see below), while the women read and the men watched the Tour.

On Monday morning, the men jumped on their bikes again and rode from Happy Jack to Prescott. Bri and I, of course, chose a more relaxing mode of transportation.

We spent the day at the Prescott carnival. The kids played on the water slides, trampolines, and rock wall, ate italian ices, and snacked on kettle corn.

Elle and Sofia impressed everyone with their incredible climbing skills!

By fireworks time, the kids were well-worn out and ready to settle into some comfy chairs and enjoy the show.

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Katie said...

Looks like a FUN 4th!!