Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Lesson Learned

This is what happens when you refuse to listen to your body.

I am stubborn and I hate to give up. This can lead to some bad decisions.

For the last two months I have turned a deaf ear to my poor legs. They have been begging for reprieve and I refused to listen.

And...as a result, today I came to terms with the fact that I can't run the marathon.

This realization came with great disappointment and a few tears.

As any marathoner can tell you, the training is the hardest part and I've done it all~ the 2 & 3 hour runs, the early bedtimes and 4am wake-up calls, the ice, foam rolling, and carb-conscious eating. All of it. And, I did it on some very injured legs.

I learned a big lesson.

Don't run through it.

So, now it is time for some rest and time to take a break from running. I'm going to redirect my focus. I've got a wedding to plan and October is just around the corner.


Katie said...

I'm sorry Sara. I know that must be so hard. It is great that you are listening to your body and not pushing it any further. I hope you heal quickly.

Keli said...

Oh no! And not just because of the marathon, but because that just plain sucks. I'm so sorry. What is the diagnosis? Throw yourself into the wedding planning like you did for the marathon training, and that day will be absolutely unforgettable. Hugs!

Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

I was wondering why I haven't seen you running/limping around our neck of the woods! I hope you begin to heal and maybe it will happen faster then you think. You'll be out there in no time. Any hints on that wedding date?

nicole said...

In the long run (no pun intended!) your decision will help you. I hope you heal quickly and get back to running soon. Take care and enjoy planning your special day!

Lindsay Rector said...

Sar- so sorry about your injury! excited to know the month you'll be getting hitched!! Congrats! So you know and may you always be reminded by your cute guy...you still have the best legs i've ever seen!!! even with that brace on, you make it look good! heal quickly, lindsay