Friday, November 13, 2009

Allergy Attack

I'm suffering.

I've narrowed down the culprits to this lovely green lawn of mine.

I believe the newly planted winter grass has spun my allergies into a frenzy.

This highly allergic grass has me coughing, sneezing, foggy, and very tired.

Any ideas how I can feel better? I'm desperate.



Katie said...

I wish I had a tip for you. I hope you get feeling better SOON!

Keli said...

Emma suffers from horrible allergies, too. Zyrtec works for her, but sometimes we have to augment that with some Benadryl. No fun, sorry!

Kristy Treible said...

The only thing that works for Tyla is Claritin. Good Luck!

Keri said...

I vote for Zyrtec. It's the only thing that works for me!

Keri said...

Sorry, I didn't even say that I hope you feel better soon!!!