Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am embarrassed to admit this.

Max will be eight years old this month.

Yesterday, I taught him to tie his shoes.

I's a little late coming. Ok...very late coming!

I just figured somewhere along the way, someone else would teach him.

A teacher, dad, grandparent...someone would take the initiative, right?

Didn't happen!

Yesterday morning, just before Max's basketball game, I bit the bullet.

I sat him down, showed him one time, and ta-da...he had it!

Now, he is obsessed. He spent every moment that he was not in the game, tying and retying!

Those laces and his little fingers are exhausted!


Lindsey Wood-Felstead said...

Way to go Max! Could you please come teach Brody how to tie his shoes? Sorry we missed your game yesterday. We got mixed up on the day and time. Let's try for next SATURDAY!

Natalie Hall said...

Oh Sara!!! I am dying right now because my soon to be 8year old twins don't know how to tie there own shoe yet, and I have thought the same thing that that would just learn along the way. Oh no I better get on it.

That is the cutest post.....

Keri said...

Tying shoes is one of the hardest skills for those kiddos to learn! My kindergarten team calls it a yoga pose: downward-shoe-tying-teacher. Some days that is my only form of exercise!

Great seeing you last week!

Davis Family Ü said...

Don't be embarrassed.Tate can't do it yet.. I got lazy and bought him velcro shoes..Time to start trying again. His prek teacher, mrs.Oneil said it was hard for him just like handwriting is hard for him... GO MAX!