Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been tagged...

Seven months blogging and the first time I've been tagged...Thanks Wendy!

Three Joys in My Life:
  • My family; children, dad, sister (and her crew)

  • My Ted...he makes me smile!

  • My friends...from the old to the new. I've kept them busy supporting me and wiping my tears over the years. I know. I know. I'm hoping to live a pretty low-key, uneventful life for awhile and give you all a break.

Three Fears in My Life: (I did lots of typing & deleting here...afraid of calling some bad stuff in)

  • Disappointing people

  • Losing people I love

  • Cancer

Three Goals in My Life:

  • Run the marathon in a respectable time

  • Raise my children to: be confident, value education (as if they have a choice- they will all earn graduate degrees!), never wonder if I love them, & be kind and selfless.

  • Around the house: re-paint my bedroom, grow a beautiful vegetable garden, finish decorating Elle's room, and clean my scary closet!

Three Current Obsessions:

  • running

  • the election

  • creamsicles & Dairy Queen blue raspberry slush floats (you knew dessert would be here)

Three Random Facts:

  • I have weird medical disorder things like snapping scapula, tmj, a lipoma, ringworm looking form of eczema, and others...(this was for Ted)

  • I won Best Legs in 9th grade (this one's for you, Wendy! Must run in the family!)

  • I hate, hate, hate that little white thing in a raw egg. I MUST remove them ALWAYS before scrambling. (What is that?ICK!)

Tag three people:

  • I tag Keri, Kristy Treible, and Melissa Lee- so sorry!


Keri said...

I love these!! I will work on filling out my tag tonight...

Wendy said...

I hate the white thing too Sara!!! I have no clue what that is!!eww!
I think you and I are more alike then we ever knew! We must have got our cutest legs from Gramma!


Melissa said...

So sorry! I took a blog break so I didn't see this. I promise when schools out I will post my "tag".