Tuesday, December 4, 2007


When I first got divorced, the kids and I moved in with my parents. Always worried about me, my mom tagged along with me everywhere. We had always been very close. But, living in Tucson, I couldn't see her as much as I'd like. When I came back, our bond grew incredibly tight. She pulled me out of a devastating place and gave me the emotional strength to move on. I often wonder where I'd be if I had lost her two years earlier. Going through some old pictures recently, I came across this one. It was 2005 and my mom and I took the kids to the Polar Express. I love the expression on her face. The theme of The Polar Express is to "BELIEVE" and my mom was a strong believer... She believed in the power of the human spirit. She believed that we are all stronger than our adversities. She believed that when the fight is over, we have to have the strength to let go. And...I believe that, someday, I will see her again...


Keri said...

Sara, I love the picture of your mom and the kids. She was such an amazing woman and I am so glad that you are carrying on her memory in such a beautiful way.

Brianne Skidmore said...

Thank you for that picture. I love seeing mom, even if it's just in a picture. Because of mom, I believe that we'll both do really well with the rest of our lives. She'll make sure of that.
We have been so blessed to be able to still remember being happy with her.
I'm sure she's smiling at that memory. I remember how much she talked about that trip, but, where the heck was I? Thanks for the invite!